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Screeding Services

 At ADH Flooring Ltd we do our best to give the customer the best service that we possibly can. We will endeavor to find the most cost-effective product to achieve the floor screed that you need.

Traditional Floor Screed

We will always include polypropylene fibres in the traditional floor screed mix. Our accuracy to detail is extremely high.  Our surface regularity is always at SR1* when checked. Our compaction rate is very high as we use a more compaction oriented technique than most other floor screeding companies.  The finish we achieve is very tight as our compaction is high we don’t have any sinking and we powerfloat our screeds in large areas. *SR1 exceeds the regularity that is normally achieved using a flowing screed.  

Flowing / Anhydrite Screed.

Anhydrite screeds started becoming popular in the early 90’s in the UK.  They allow large areas to be installed with less effort / labour.  As well as anhydrite they are also known as Flowing, self-levelling, Gypsum, Gyvlon, Supaflow &Truflow…. to name a few.  The can benefit over traditional sand / cement fibrescreeds by allowing the installation thickness to be considerably thinner…. This is because the binder (Gypsum) used, at microscopic level, is not as strong and brittle as Portland cement.  This in turn gives the Anhydrite screed more flexural ability and reduces breaking at thinner levels. The draw backs are:- Massively longer times involved with regards to drying times when compared to traditional screeds. Quite regularly requires to be sanded before any finishes are applied. Very expensive for smaller areas of floor screed. Only reaches SR2 surface regularity when SR1 is easily achievable with decent traditional tradesmen. Can be very hard to get tiles to adhere to the anhydrite screed with ettringite formation sometimes causing issues.
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